All Terrain Farm & Estate Management

Business South West recently helped a local business to develop by providing free support and advice from one of their highly trained and skilled business advisors.

Callum Craik from All Terrain Farm and Estate Management said that Business South West has helped him to define his priorities and to develop a strategy to advertise to their potential market. “The advice we have received from Craig has allowed us to define much more clearly our potential market and how to access that market,” he said.

Callum said that he highly recommended business owners go to Business South West for support. He said that they had provided him with some very simplistic and effective basic measures to build and develop his business. He also valued the advisors depth of knowledge and wisdom and gained a lot from follow up discussions scheduled with Craig.

If you would like to book a free appointment with a business advisor through Business South West, please call 0897 912666 or Email

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