ASBAS Scam – Be Aware!!

Please be aware that there have been reports of a scam where an overseas outfit is calling businesses in Australia claiming to be from the ‘Australian Business Advisory Service’.   The person will probably have an accent and ask to speak to the manager of the business.

The scammer will ask a number of questions about your business and then say they work with Senior business coaches to help develop and grow your business. They will offer you a free 1 hour advisory session, and than that they are free from 26th of October to 6th November.

Details of the ‘senior business coach’ may not be provided, but apparently the coach will call back to you in the next few days to confirm appointment and let you know who exactly you would be meeting with. It is at that time of your “appointment” that you will get contact details.

It is unknown at this time what may transpire once the ‘senior business coach’ calls back and what information they will try to obtain for their benefit.

Australian Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) program is offered by local providers which can be found at

If any member of your team, a client or you received a call like this, please report it to Scam Watch: