Do you know how well your business is performing compared to other similar businesses in your industry?

Benchmarking your business allows you to compare the performance of your business against similar businesses within your industry.


Why benchmark your business?

  1. Business benchmarking shows how your operational performance compares to businesses of a similar type and turnover, and helps you identify and isolate areas of your business that require attention.
  2. Business benchmarking helps provide a starting point for performance discussions within the business.
  3. The report from business benchmarking will help you build a compelling business case for change.

What do you get?

1. A detailed benchmarking report comparing the performance of your business over the past three years against industry norms for similar sized businesses

2. Industry Report

3. Consultation with our advisor that will provide you with practical feedback on the findings of the report and recommendations for the development of an action plan.

What does it cost?

A Business Benchmarking report along normally costs $575, however with thanks to the the support of the Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) Program, an Australian Government initiative the Small Business Centre, Bunbury Wellington can off this service for just $99