Could you spot a dodgy business?

Unfortunately you can’t always trust other businesses. Some dishonest business owners try to make quick profits by cutting corners in the services they provide, or not paying their debts. You can reduce your risk of being swindled by unreliable operators and fly-by-night businesses with ASIC Business Checks – a free app developed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Available on smartphones and tablets, ASIC Business Checks helps you to:

  • ask the right questions about the business or individual you’re dealing with check with ASIC’s registers that the information you’ve been given is true
  • get help, more information, or the support of a professional business adviser
  • report suspicious activity if you think a business or individual is acting unlawfully.

Download the ASIC Business Checks app today, and make your business a little bit safer.

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Download the free ASIC Business Checks app now.