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Want to Grow Your Existing Business?

Once you have started your own small business, you may decide to stretch your creativity and grow your business and profits.

The size of your small business is directly proportional to the number of customers you have, and the number of goods or services you can provide. Essentially, the only ways to grow your business are to get more customers, get your customers to buy more, or get your customers to buy more frequently.

The Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC), The Department of  Commerce, and have developed business briefs and guides that will provide you with further information on a number of aspects on growing you existing business.

Growing Your Business

You can view the Small Business Development Corporation’s Business Briefs by clickinghere.

You can view the’s How-to Guides by clicking here.

You can view the Department of Commerce’s Publications list by clicking here. also have the Growing your business checklist, which covers many of the issues needed to help you grow your business. Please click here to view.