Most businesses run in the traditional way where the business plan acts as the framework to guide business direction. Depending on the business plan you have, it usually covers financials, marketing, product/service and competitor research, operating systems, human resources, SWOT analysis, and sustainability practices.

Have you ever thought of bringing a holistic approach and practice into business, to work alongside the traditional model? In the context of health care, working holistically means to take the whole person into account such as mental, physical, spiritual and emotional factors as well as lifestyle – all of which can influence a person’s wellbeing and state of health. A business can be viewed in a similar way. The Meriam- Webster Dictionary (2018) states holistic as being concerned with wholes or complete systems rather than being dissected into parts.

The need to incorporate such an approach into mainstream business is because you can tick all the boxes found within the traditional business plan and still not be moving forward the way you want. Creating a holistic model of business practice can allow you to view your business, staff and clients differently to how you are currently doing. Four examples are given below.

1. Being authentic and going deeper into relationship building with your staff and clients.

2. Understanding the health status of your business. Is your business about to have a stroke and become incapacitated because everyone is so stressed, for example, or is it having episodes of arrhythmia where it is moving so slowly it is about to just….stop working?

3. Delving deeper into what service and contribution mean to you and your staff. Are they aligned? How can YOU, as the owner/director be a better boss/manager/leader for your staff and industry?

4. Welcoming and embracing active creativity into the workplace. By doing this, the business will come alive as creativity generates flow, focus, excitement and innovation.

Using the above four points systematically (rather than in isolation) will help to generate positive results and prosperity for your business in ways not previously considered.

Sana Turnock, Business Development Advisor, Business South West