Stop playing it safe marketing your business

 As a small business, you have the ability to do things quickly and the power to execute some unconventional marketing ideas that will really turn heads. It’s great running your own business, there’s no more jumping through hoops to get approvals for new ideas. In fact, there’s nothing to stop you from doing something different. So stop playing it safe and experiment with a couple of these ideas to get your business profile out there for your customers to see.

Speed is one of your greatest advantages over bigger companies. Your budget might not be as big, but there’s no reason why you can’t get your messages out fast. Jump onto Twitter hashtags or Facebook to get your messages out to get the jump on your competitors. Social media is a great place to start a marketing initiative and it’s even better if you can link it to your other marketing campaigns.

Can you remember any impressive shop window displays in any of your local business precincts? Your window display is a great marketing asset, so plan something special to stand out. Don’t just do this in the usual annual holiday periods, why not add an element of surprise and do something different when people least expect it. If you can’t afford expensive window display effects, you might try to partner with students, local designers or artists. Some of the local street art we’ve seen in recent years in Bunbury has been very eye catching and can introduce an element of style to an otherwise drab streetscape or wall, to help attract customers to your business.

There’s also something about a good mystery that attracts people. You might like to think about mystery deals you can offer. Perhaps invite your customers to an anniversary celebration with a surprise guest, or offer great-value mystery gift packs.

You might like to join forces with other local small businesses and develop some innovative ideas together, this can potentially also help to make your marketing budget go a lot further.

What innovative marketing ideas will you explore this year?

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