Lynda brings extensive business experience to her role as a Business Advisor at Business South West, after owning and running her own businesses in the hospitality, consultancy and service industries over the past 20 years. In addition, Lynda was also a professional Business Broker for several years engaged with one of Perth’s most professional Business Broking Firms, providing her with a real insight into many different types of businesses.

Lynda has recently made the sea change/tree change move from Perth and is now living in the South West and can assist small business owners and people intending to set up their own business. Lynda has an extensive range of experience and skills including business development and marketing, human resources, business planning, intellectual property and financial management.

Lynda is passionate about assisting people in working through the process of getting their business ideas off the ground and turning them into reality and has mentored people in many aspects of business. Lynda can also assist existing business work through a variety of challenges and business improvement process.

With a strong ability to understand what the key strengths and weaknesses are in a business and Lynda’s ability to work very closely and personally with people to ensure they have the best chance of having a successful business, she can assist you with any issues your business is facing.