Your Space Web Design


What has your business achieved?

My business was just an idea before I went to Business South West. Since presenting my idea to Craig last year, my idea has become an actual business has been a great success. I think visiting the centre also helped me establish my niche in the web design market and made me want to provide my services for other small businesses and entrepreneurs.

What surprised you about the service from Business South West?

I think, often when things are free you question the worth of it. I couldn’t believe that Business South West provided such important consultations that delivered vital info at no cost! Any new business would be so grateful for this.

What support has Business South West provided to achieve this?

Craig has kept in touch since our meeting to see how my business is progressing and has offered helpful advice along the way.

Why would you recommend the Small Business Centre to others?

I would recommend Business South West to every small business and entrepreneur because it provides you with all of the vital information and support that a new/small business needs to be successful.

Raegan Zacher

Your Space Web Design